What is the cheapest pay as you go mobile broadband

Are you trying to find the cheapest pay as you go mobile broadband? It's very much a buyers market out there right now with so many companies offering unbelievable deals, so lets take a look at what's on offer, and hopefully save you a bundle!

If you're willing to go contract, then the deals on mobile broadband are even more spectacular, but in this blog we'll instead focus on the delights you can find in the UK Pay as you go market. We'll include 30 day packages so you can get a full idea of the market.

We'll get the ball rolling with Vodafone's current "Occasional" offer, which costs £7.50 for 30 days of use. The modem dongle costs just £19, and you get download speeds of 7.2 MB. The monthly limit on this deal is .5 GB, so it's perfect for light browsing, but not downloading.

T-Mobile offer a deal that's equally good for their Mobile Broadband Daily package. Under this deal you pay £19.99 for the modem dongle, then it's a simple case of £2 per day for their mobile broadband service. There's no contract, you just have to top up a minimum of £10 in one go. No strings attached! It's win win!

Our final suggestion is 3 Mobile's Pay as you go 1GB offer. The modem costs just £20.99 and the download speeds clock in at 3.6MB. It's £2 per day, and you get a generous 1 GB per day limit.

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