Let's find the UK's cheapest pay as you go broadband

As we all try to get our household bills under control, costly broadband bills are something that a lot of people are starting to examine closely. Especially if you aren't a heavy internet user or gamer.

The simple fact that stops a lot of people is how isolating a life without internet can be. Could you really cope without being able to keep up with your Facebook page or the latest sports news? This is why we're going to suggest finding the cheapest pay as you go broadband as a happy compromise.

Unlike other types of broadband, there's no lengthy 12-24 month contract to be signed with this type of broadband, you literally just pay for as much as you want to use, and discard it if you feel the service isn't up to scratch.

Most UK providers use wireless dongles to bring you the wireless pay as you go internet, with some charging by the day, week or month, with rates starting at £2 per day with t-Mobile Broadband and £2.04 with 02 Mobile Broadband.

3 Mobile Broadband offer a great deal that we're happy to recommend. It's £7.50 for a month's broadband usage. Be warned though, the usage limit for the month is 1GB, so if you intend to do much downloading, this package isn't for you! However, you can buy "data top-up packs" which will allow you to pay extra to boost your data allowance, in much the same way that you'd top up a pay as you go phone.

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