We now have the cheapest Nintendo Wii console price the UK has ever seen

If you have been considering buying yourself a Nintendo Wii for some time now, but never actually got around to taking the plunge, you can have absolutely no excuse for not buying any more, thanks to the latest round of price cuts from the Japanese company which has left us with the cheapest Nintendo Wii console price the UK has ever seen.

When the system launched in the United Kingdom on December 8 2006, it cost £179, a reasonable price tag for a brand new console, but since then it has seen a number of price cuts - first to £159.00 and then to £129.00 - as Nintendo sought to keep it fresh in the mind of the public.

It's a policy that has undoubtedly paid off for the Japanese gaming giants, as the console has currently sold as many units worldwide as both its main competitors, the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360, combined.

This radical turnaround is in stark comparison to Nintendo's last generation console, the GameCube, which, despite having a strong line up of games available for it, never really captured the imagination of British gamers, and ended up surviving on scraps as the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox battled it out for supremacy.

This latest price drop, which now sees the machine available for as little as £99, has been inspired by the announcement of Nintendo's next generation machine. Currently code named Project Cafe, little is known about this brand new console, but given the fact that we saw a price drop for the Wii almost immediately after the first details were leaked, we would estimate that we are likely to see it hitting shelves some time this Christmas.

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