Who sells the cheapest Nintendo Wii console

A lot of shops offer both the black and white versions of the Wii console, and they all offer it with games or discounted depending on the latest offers that they have available. A lot of these places also sell second hand consoles.

Cheapest nintendo wii console-Game verses Gamestation

Game and Gamestation are two of the largest dealers in the UK when it comes to consoles and gaming equipment. They both claim to offer the cheapest nintendo wii console and bundle, but which one actually delivers?


Game has a selection of consoles, although the website is currently out of stock of new items, they do advertise pre owned units starting at £50. They stock the black wii starting at £110 for the basic unit and going up to £130 for a selection of different bundles.

These bundles usually include the console and a game, the majority seeming to be lego titles although they did have some with Just Dance or Rayman available instead. These play on the image of the wii as a family console.

In September the majority of the website was listed as sold out. So it might be worse checking the local shops to check the stock available.


Like Game, Gamstation has both the white and black versions of the console and they sell them either as core units or a bundles. The prices are very well matched although Gamestation bdoes have different bundles and it offers a red wii at the price of £170. They also offer the Wii with a black wheel for Mario Kart, should you desire that bundle its around £163.

The website appears to be stocked quite well so if your ordering online this might be the better site.

Other outlets such as Argos also seem to stock the Wii bundles starting at £129, so perhaps this the cheapest Nintendo Wii console prices available on the market, for new consoles anyway.

Auction sites such as eBay will have them listed and bargains can be found there, there are also a lot of other auction sites, or sites that allow people to sell their old gaming consoles via them, so these are worth exploring as well.


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