3DS arrival means cheapest Nintendo DS Lite console yet

If 3D isn't for you then you probably won't have taken too much interest in the launch of Nintendo's brand new console released in March of this year, the hotly anticipated 3DS. Even though it managed record breaking first weekend sales around the world, and continues to shift units at an admirable rate, the console definitely isn't for everyone. Concerns over the effect that the 3D has on young eyes is leading many to re-evaluate their view on the system - especially given that Nintendo advise against using the console for extended periods when the 3D effect is turned on.

While this might be a concern for those of you who like to live your lives on the cutting edge of technology, anyone who considers themselves a bit of a bargain hunter will now find themselves faced with the potential to pick up the cheapest Nintendo DS Lite console since the slimline version of the DS was released in 2006.

As is almost always the case in the video game world, the arrival of a new system is almost immediately greeted, or in this case preceded, by a price cut in the older generation of hardware. Despite the fact that the DS Lite cannot display 3D like Nintendo's newest system, it is still a very worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys gaming, and will remain an active system for quite some time before being phased out gradually by developers.

With an almost endless supply of modern classic games available for the console including The New Super Mario Bros., Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Scribblenauts, Mario Kart and the Legend of Zelda series, your cut-price purchase will last present you with countless hours of gameplay. Not bad for the cheapest Nintendo DS Lite console to date!

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