Get the cheapest mobile phones in the UK on the best pay as you go offers

There's a huge variety of phones on the market out there, especially when it comes to pay as you go deals, but it can be tricky to decide on which one is right for you, especially if you haven't been keeping up with the latest developments in phone technology.

All the talk these days surrounds so called smartphones, but do you really need one? Well, if you plan on staying connected while on the move then they are definitely a good idea, but they're not really as essential as you think.

Even the cheapest of mobiles these days allow you to connect to the web via your handset; you don't need to have a top of the range phone in order to do that. You won't be able to download the latest apps to your phone or anything like that, but with some careful management of your favourites then you should have access to everything you need at the touch of a button, from Facebook to your emails. All you need to ensure is that the handset you are buying has an internet browser, and that your pay as you go deal includes data use (which most do).

If the internet isn't a concern for you, then literally any handset at all will do, and you'll find that in many cases the cheapest ones are often among the best built, so you won't have to worry about them breaking.

A quick look at the Phones4u website, found at phones4u.co.uk, lists a wide range of the cheapest mobile phones in the UK with the best pay as you go offers. £9.95 gets you the Samsung E2121 with O2 pay and go text and web services. You'll need a £10 top up to activate the services. If you opt for Orange you can get the Nokia 1800 for the same price, again subject to a £10 top up.

The truth is that once you have no desire to have a top of the range phone, you can get yourself up and running for little or nothing, with absolutely no commitments due to the nature of pay as you go networks. It's just a case of deciding exactly what you want from your phone and picking the correct model, and at the lower end of the scale you'll have plenty of options!

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