Who is the UK's cheapest mobile phone provider?

Thinking of picking up a new phone but you are unsure of which network to go with? All UK networks offer deals, but we have sifted through all of them to find you the UK's cheapest mobile phone provider. We have checked a number of different categories including calls, texts and data allowance, and one company has come out on top clearly, and that company was O2.

O2 are offering some unbelievable deals to their Pay as you Go customers these days, and you can check out the full range of deals on their site at http://www.o2.co.uk/. O2 offer all of their PAYG customers a number of different tariffs, but all of them can be switched around with ease, and in our view they represent the best value on the market right now.

Their most basic tariff is the O2 Simplicity tariff, and this one offers unlimited UK texts for just £7.50 top up a month. If you top up £10.50 it offers 100 mins free as well as 500 texts, and if you top up £15.50 you get 300 free minutes and unlimited UK texts. Their O2 Unlimited tariff is brilliant if you have a lot of friends on O2 as it grants you unlimited texts to other O2 customers for £10 per month, while a £15 per month top up gets you free calls and texts to other O2 phones.

You can bolt on 100 Mb of data allowance to any tariff for just £3 extra per month, while you can put on 500 mb of data for just £6 extra per month.

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