Where can you find the cheapest Microsoft Office 2007 home and student edition

If you are eager to turn your home PC into a work station on a budget, then it's probably time to pick up a copy of the cheapest Microsoft Office 2007 home and student edition available. There are plenty of different versions of the Office program currently available, but in our opinion you simply can't go wrong with Microsoft Office 2007 home and student edition.

The reasons for picking up this version are simple. It's cheaper than the most recent 2010 version of the program (often dramatically so), and more importantly, it has less issues with bugs and compatibility. It will work with pretty much any PC, unlike the most recent version of the software! So where can you pick it up?

Well, online is probably your only option, as most bricks and mortar stores will have long since ran out of stock. A number of online retailers currently have Microsoft Office 2007 in stock right now, and we're going to start with Amazon, who are running a great deal on it at the moment.

Amazon currently have the full program in stock at amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-Office-2007-Student-Licence/dp/B000HCZ8EO for the reasonable price of £94.95. This price is a full £20 pounds below the usual recommended retail price, so it represents a bit of a bargain.

If Amazon runs out of stock at that price, then we have another option for you that represents slightly less value. Play.com are currently selling Microsoft Office 2007 for £110 at play.com/PC/PCs/4-/3299816/Microsoft-Office-Home-And-Student-2007/Product.html. Either site will deliver to you within a few days, so they are your best bet for picking up Microsoft Office right now!

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