We look for the cheapest label printer with auto cut

As anyone who has even the slights bit of experience with label printers will attest, they can be among the most frustrating and unreliable pieces of computer hardware out there today. It's not necessarily that the manufacturers do a bad job of things, but more to do with the fact that the things being printed tend to be a little smaller and more finicky than those printed by traditional printers, and the hardware components can often find themselves getting in a bit of a tangle - literally.

It's always important to have a top quality auto cut mechanism in your label printer, especially if you're dealing with stickers as opposed to traditional paper labels. While auto cut can be a great feature to have for regular labels, you don't run into the same issues, namely stickers getting caught up in the print mechanism causing jams, or troublesome cut angles that look unprofessional and amateur. That's precisely why we have decided to take a look online for the cheapest label printer with auto cut.

It's not only auto cut that we are concerning ourselves with here though, print quality and the reliability of the printer were also huge factors in deciding which one to recommend, and we did reject a couple of cheaper printers than the one we finally settled on, based on the fact that they would likely cause you more problems and expenses in the long run, rendering them a little redundant.

The printer we have settled on is the Brother QL 1060N Wide Label Printer. Featuring an excellent heavy duty auto cut that will make light work of anything you can throw at it, this device features an Ethernet connection as standard, making for easy network use among multiple users.

The QL 1060N offers fast, reliable printing with top quality output and excellent print drivers, so you'll never have to worry about jams, breakdowns and poorly cut labels ever again. You can buy it for just £177.91 from redsave.com today.

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