Wondering where to find the cheapest Kindle?

The Amazon Kindle has brought about a stunning revolution in eBooks, some would say it even started the whole thing off! Amazon's product is a joy to behold, with amazing battery life and a screen that brilliantly delivers the effect of looking at paper.

The only problem with Amazon's box of tricks is the price! Finding the Kindle at a somewhat more palatable price can be a chore, but we're here to provide some tips to get the cheapest Kindle if you're balking at the current retail price of £110 pounds.

For starters, you can check out Amazon's own website. Amazon run a massive pre-owned operation through their site at Amazon.co.uk, here you can find previously used, cheapest Kindles, often for a fraction of their current retail price. The fact that you're buying through Amazon's official site offers some protection too, in case you are sold a shoddy product.

Another place we suggest looking is eBay. If you don't mind snapping up one of the older generations of Kindle you'll make some massive savings, as they have come way down in price since the release of the Kindle Three.

The Kindle can also be found cheaper on sites like Gumtree and Craigslist. Unfortunately, you won't have the same protection as if you buy off Amazon's site, so we recommend meeting the person you intend to buy off to see the product before you hand over any money.

To save you even more money, once you purchase the Kindle, check out Project Gutenberg, the free book project.

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