Where to find the cheapest ipod nano 5g

What makes these ipod nano 5g's so great?

If you are into music then you need to get yourself an ipod nano 5g. Because quite frankly, that is where it is at right now!

The ipod nano 5g is a cool and funky device, and if you didn't LOVE music before, you will once you get your hands on an ipod nano! Their amazing new design is small and sleek, it has a built in video camera so it provides you with video to your music. It also comes in a range of seven awesome colours. You can also buy a sports strap for these products so you can wear it on your arm whilst cycling or partaking in other sports. One of the greatest features of all ipod products is the access to the itunes library which you can download at the Apple Website (apple.com) itunes is quite simply the home of entertainment.

So where can I find the cheapest ipod nano 5g to buy?

There are loads of stores out there offering ipod products for a range of prices but these stores below have some of the cheapest prices for an ipod nano 5g;

  • Ebay - Ebay (ebay.co.uk) has a whole host of sellers offering ipod nano 5g devices. You can get grab yourself a bragain with a great quality used one with buy it now prices at around £120 and bids starting at £60.00 see keep an eye out!
  • Amazon - On Amazon (amazon.co.uk)you will find a range of ipod nano 5g devices for sale. You can purchase the black version of the ipod nano new from £169.00 but if you don't mind having a second hand one you can get hold of it for as little as £65.00!

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