Wondering where you can pick up the cheapest iPhone?

Apple's iPhone has cemented its place as the hottest consumer gadget out there. It's sleek, it's functional, and it does just about everything! The only problem is that it can be quite expensive!

If you're looking around for the cheapest iPhone, then we hope to help you out! We've taken a look around at the biggest UK mobile companies to see what prices they're offering on the iPhone.

Before we start, it's worth noting that some companies offer the iPhone on pay-as-you-go package, while some only offer it in bill pay form. Unlike other phones, if you want to pick up an iPhone on bill pay, you are likely to have to sign at least an 18-month contract, such is the demand for the handset!

UK mobile providers offering the cheapest iPhone

O2 - The O2 offering is the iPhone 4 with an 18-month contract attached. Their cheapest 18-month tariff is 30 pounds per month, with the phone itself costing over 300 pounds. They also offer both the 16 gigabyte and 32 gigabyte models as a pay as you go option, however, the cheapest price here is over 500 pounds - ouch!

Vodafone - Unlike O2, Vodafone offer the iPhone on a 12-month contract. However, the base payments are higher. The cheapest tariff is 35 pounds per month, with the phone costing 300 pounds. It is also available on pay as you go for 510 pounds.

These two companies are the main UK networks offering the iPhone. It's also worth noting that Apple sell the iPhone sim-free through their stores around the UK. However, it generally works out at the same price as it does if you buy from a network.

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