It's the best time for the cheapest iphone 3gs

So you have decided to take advantage of the cheapest iPhone 3gs to date? Great move, what better time to get your hands on a one of the best iPhones on the market.

While the iPhone 4 is the numero uno, the iPhone 3gs is still a hell of a competitor. It can still pretty much run everything the iPhone 4 can it's just missing some nice features. Sometimes, it's not all about the extras though.

A lot of people have always wanted an iPhone but the massive price just makes it impossible for some people to buy. The older 3g phones are pretty much obsolete so the reduction in price for the 3gs is great news for everyone. This means they can get what is still an amazing piece of kit for an affordable price.

The 3gs enjoyed the usually short life span thanks to Apple constantly flooding the market with slightly upgraded models. While this is a great way to stay one step ahead for Apple, a lot of people feel left behind having just recently acquired a 3gs for full price. In some cases it is best to stay one step behind and grab the reduced price 3gs, this is one of those cases.

While the iPhone 4 is a stunning phone a lot of people will not need the updated features to get the functionality they want from their iPhone, for these people the 3gs is the perfect mobile. We hope you find the cheapest iPhone 3gs!

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