All the cheapest digital camcorders here!

Looking for the very best of the cheapest digital camcorders? Have a read of this little list we have put together for you.

1. Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera: This is a fantastic piece of kit that starts at around £80. It is a tiny camera that somehow manages to capture video in 1080p resolution. You would never think this to look at it. You can record directly to an SD card and it comes with the HDMI cables you will need to see your captures at full quality. It even takes pictures at 5 megapixels, this is a serious camcorder!

2. Kodak Playsport: Another entry from Kodak, this time it's ready for some rough terrain. This is a great camcorder for adventure trails and treks. You can take video underwater up to 10 feet and the picture is incredible for this type of camcorder. Be sure to check this out if you are going to hit the trails.

3. Flip UltraHD: There's no doubt that you haven't heard of this. It is a great camcorder that is hugely popular thanks to the ease of use and functionality that only the Flip HD has.The video quality is up there with the best of any camcorder in this class. The camcorder has an auto stabiliser so you can shot some really great film without worrying about 'shaky cam' as made famous by the Bourne Trilogy. It is basically really easy to just pick up and get going with. The only down side really is that they don't include the HDMI cable. Other than that, this is a serious competitor for the top budget camcorder.

There are so many great cheap digital camcorders out there so be sure to check these out and see if you can get what you want for less!

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