Cheapest Apple battery charger

Accessories for Apple products aren’t cheap. Some, like the power cable that came with older iPhones like the iPhone 4S, are flimsy and easily broken. Even the cheapest Apple battery charger is expensive. There are loads of Apple battery chargers on the market including power cables, but we’ll start by sourcing some good prices for the Apple Battery Charger that recharges AA sized batteries.

Apple Battery Charger

The Apple Battery Charger works like devices from other firms as it takes electricity to recharge AA batteries. Unlike other battery chargers from recognised firms like Eveready and Duracell, the charger from the folks at Apple costs more than £25 to buy new from the manufacturer. You can expect to shell out around £15 for the equivalent charger from battery makers like Duracell and Energizer, and if you’re not bothered by which brand you’ll often find great deals. The Apple battery charger comes with 6 batteries made by the guys in California and can be bought from apple.com for the aforementioned £25.

Cheapest sites for Apple Battery Charger

You won’t find much of a saving with this item. The best we’ve been able to find is a £3 saving by purchasing through Alza.co.uk. Is the saving really worthwhile, when you could so easily pick up a new Apple Battery Charger from your local Apple Store?

Other Apple Accessories

You’ll need to really roam the web for good deals on anything Apple branded, although Amazon.co.uk is a good place to look. Avoid purchasing electrical stuff second hand so eBay should be ignored even if there's a great deal. You will often find good deals at currys.co.uk and also at PC World. Wherever you choose to purchase accessories from, you're always best of going for official Apple products.

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