We set out to find the cheapest 16GB USB memory

Remember the days when a 512MB USB memory stick would set you back the price of a three-course meal in a five-star restaurant? We do too, and it certainly wasn't pleasant.

Fortunately things have changed considerably since then which is great news for consumers everywhere, but there is always a concern that if you go too cheap you're going to be sacrificing quality. This line of thinking allows certain brands to set much higher retail prices (comparatively, at least) on their products, knowing that there will always be people willing to pay those few pounds extra just to ensure quality. It might be a cheap trick, but it certainly pays dividends, especially when the difference between pricing in the cheapest brands and the most expensive is rarely more than a couple of pounds here and there.

The price you pay for your USB memory is really dependent on where you buy it. If you prefer shopping in the high street, then you can probably add on at least 75% to some brands and models. If you're really looking for the cheapest 16GB USB memory though, you'll find it online.

Amazon.co.uk have a wide range of 16GB USB memory on offer, with the cheapest being £14.57 for the Kingston Generation 3 16GB DataTraveller and £15.17 for the Sandisk 16GB Cruzer USB Flash Drive but, amazingly, they're not even close to being the cheapest we found online.

That honour goes to MyMemory.co.uk who offer the Corsair 16GB Voyager USB Flash Drive for a stunning £12.99 and the PNY 16GB Attache for £13.99.

By contrast, the cheapest PC World has to offer is the SANDISK Cruzer USB Key Flash Drive for £19.99. It just goes to show that it pays to shop around!

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