Save money with cheap Xbox Arcade consoles

If you've managed to avoid picking up one of the great consoles currently on the market so far, then you're missing out on countless hours of top class entertainment for all the family. While video games used to be the domain of spotty teenagers who would hide away for hours on end in darkened rooms, playing away feverishly to the latest games available, things have changed considerably since Nintendo brought their Wii console to market.

Since then we have seen a massive uptake in new consoles from women and middle aged players who would never have considered playing games before. Not to be outdone by Nintendo's success, Microsoft last year introduced their Kinect for Xbox 360 system. This hardware, a video and audio sensor which sits below your TV, allows players to play their favourite games without the need for a controller, purely by using their bodies to control the on screen action.

The Kinect system retails for £149.99, but in order to use it you're obviously going to need an Xbox console. In order to find cheap Xbox Arcade consoles for you, we've spent the last few days trawling the web for the very best cut price deals, and we're confident we've found the best available.

As usual, Amazon.co.uk offer far and away the best deal available anywhere, with a great price of just £134.99 including free delivery for the slim Xbox 360 arcade console, including a 4GB hard drive as standard. This price trumps the £179.99 to £199.99 to be found everywhere else - so rather than paying over the odds we recommend you log onto Amazon right now and get yourself in on the action!

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