Finding cheap unlocked pay as you go mobile phones for sales

There's a fascinating battle being raged in the world of mobile phones right now between Apple's iPhone and the fantastic array of smartphones running on Google's Android operating system. More and more people are discovering just how useful these phones can be in their everyday lives, the only problem is, they can be quite expensive!

Often, the only way to get one of these phones is to lock yourself in to a lengthy contract. This isn't the only way though! In this blog we're going to show you a place to pick up cheap unlocked pay as you go mobile phones for sales, and it's perhaps a place you may not have thought of checking out for your mobile phone needs! Simply point your browser towards Play.com's mobile phone section on their site and lets check out their range.

Play exclusively sell "Sim-Free" phones, which means they are good to be used with any provider and there's absolutely no service agreement, you are just buying the phone. They are a brilliant spot to pick up a smartphone, as they stock all of the latest range of smartphones, including HTC's fantastic array of phones, and Apple's iPhone.

They are running some fantastic offers right now, including the stunning HTC Desire HD for a low price of just £359.99, which is heavily discounted from the usual price of £449.99. Play are also fantastic for getting phones to you quickly, so all models are generally dispatched within 24 hours. Check them out today for a brilliant deal on your next smartphone!

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