We go on the lookout for cheap TV, broadband and phone packages in Wolverhampton

If you're living in the Wolverhampton area and you're sick to the teeth of paying out for TV, broadband and phone subscriptions every month then we've got just the tonic for you. Since companies are fighting hard to keep their customers, you can now find some really great deals featuring cheap TV, broadband and phone packages at unbelievable prices. Join the revolution and save yourself some real money!

Virgin Media lead the way with a number of excellent packages specifically tailored for the Wolverhampton area. With their Broadband: L+ Phone: M+ TV: M+ package you'll be able to get broadband speeds of up to 10 Mbps with unlimited bandwidth, 65 TV channels including on demand content accessible via your V box, free weekend calls and weekday calls of just 8.68p per minute at all times for a fantastic £140 for the first year. The only minor catch is that you must commit to an 18 month contract in order to avail of the offer, but we're sure you'll agree that it's a hell of a deal.

If you want to get a bit more bang for your buck, you can opt for the same company's Broadband: XL+ Phone: M+ TV: M+ HD package for just £219.95 a year. With this one, you'll get a 30Mbps broadband connection with unlimited downloads, 65 regular channels, 7 HD channels, access on demand viewing, a V+ HD box with up to 80 hours of recording, free to air HD channels, free weekend calls and weekday calls for just 8.68p per minute.

By contract, Sky's cheapest package costs £234 per year for a 20Mbps broadband connection with a paltry 2GB of download bandwidth, 200+ TV and radio channels, Sky+ HD box with up to 185 hours of recording, free evening and weekend calls and daytime calls costing 6.03p per minute.

Which one you go for is up to you, but if you're planning on using your internet much, we can't recommend Virgin Media enough.

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