Cheap printers at Tesco

The Reason Tesco Might be Cheaper

Printers at Tesco are often cheaper than the same makes and model of printer at computer supply stores and consumer electronic shops. This is because Tesco and other supermarkets often buy job lots of printers from the official suppliers at a wholesale price before passing savings on to their consumers shopping for printers. Furthermore, Tesco will often hold large sales on all of their printers, allowing you to make further savings, while you can also save up a great amount of Tesco Clubcard points when buying printers at Tesco.

Buying Your Printer from Tesco

You can buy your printers from Tesco in three main ways: in person, through a Tesco catalogue and over the Tesco website.

Buying in Person

Buying your Tesco printer in person from the store allows you to get an appreciation for the size and weight of the printer you wish to buy. You can ensure that it fits in the space in which you will accommodate it in your home. Furthermore, when you buy in person you can ask a Tesco member of staff to show you how the printer works, although you should remember that Tesco staff are not highly qualified IT specialists.

Tesco Catalogue

Tesco catalogues, containing printers at Tesco, are sent to people's homes. You can also pick up a catalogue in any Tesco store or order one to be delivered to your home via the company's website.


Visit Tesco.com to see their latest range of printers for sale. You can also place your printer order online at Tesco's website, selecting a time for your product to be delivered to your home or workplace.

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