Get yourself a cheap pink notebook case in London

So, you've just bought yourself a fancy new laptop and you want to show it off by carting it around with you while you're out on the town. It's a great idea in theory, but before you get carried away with yourself perhaps you should give some thought to investing in a nice case for it? Not only will a case provide you with additional protection should it take an unexpected spill from your grasp, but it'll also mean that you don't run as much of a risk of having your brand new purchase destroyed should you be caught in an unexpected deluge of rain while out and about.

Given the fact that it's quite easy to find yourself a stylish yet cheap pink notebook case in London you've really not got any excuse to prevent you from picking one up and adding a little more security and safe keeping to your new prized possession. After all, isn't it worth it given the potential replacement costs should something happen to your new laptop?

For this reason, we have taken a look around some of the computer accessory stores in London to help you find an deal cover for your machine.

Popular London website clicksouvenirs.com offer a gorgeous pink seventeen inch laptop case with Union Jack detailing for just £26.99, allowing you to show your patriotic side while still looking stylish.

Alternatively you could try Aktis Computing on 3 Brearton Street who have a wide range of accessories for your laptop, including the pink Jazzi Ladies Notebook Case, suitable for laptops up to 15.4" in size, which is available for just £9.99.

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