We check out where to find cheap Nintendo Wii deals

Thinking of joining the 21st century and kitting out your living room with a Nintendo Wii? There has never been a better time to pick yourself up a copy of Nintendo's runaway success story of a console and there are currently some out of this world deals available if you know where to look. We are aiming to help you out on that account as we check out where to find cheap Nintendo Wii deals online.

The Wii is starting to enter the final period in its life cycle as Nintendo gears up to launch the successor, the Nintendo Wii U on the world in 2012. It is still a hugely worthwhile pick up though thanks to the library of amazing games featuring all of Nintendo's biggest names. If you are looking for a brilliantly cheap deal on the console, then the first port of call we would suggest for you is the Tesco site at http://direct.tesco.com/. Tesco are offering the console with Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Mario Kart with Wheel, and Wii Motion Plus controller for just £130, an outstanding bargain!

Another brilliant site that doesn't offer the Wii for sale, but instead rounds up the price being quoted by all of the retailer selling the Wii in the UK is http://www.wiipreorder.co.uk/. This site shows you all of the different bundles currently available for the Wii, and they have come up with the lowest price we have ever seen for the console of just £92 from John Lewis at http://www.johnlewis.com/. Both sites are well worth a look for anyone looking to squeeze a bit of value out of their Wii shopping hunt!


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