Where to find cheap Nintendo Wii bundles

It is never to early too start Christmas shopping and it can sometimes secure the best deal. Save yourself some stress this year and beat the crowds by reading below to find cheap Nintendo Wii bundles. Not only can it save you money but it can ensure your loved ones get the bundle they want.

First up is for those who are already planning their New Years resolution. The Wii Fit is a great and fun way to keep fit and is proving more and more popular with all age groups. The Wii Fit bundle comes with a console, a motion sensitive remote which relates your exact movements onto the screen as well as a balance board. With over 60 activities to help your fitness levels this game can also promote weight loss and flexibility. With prices as low as £180 this will keep adults and kids amused right through the Christmas period and long into the New Year. Check out play.com for more deals.

Next up is for those who are more like kids at heart. The Wii Mario Kart Bundle has all you need to start racing straight away and with a price of just £110 many will be after this package. With the console, game and a steering wheel all in the one box this is a great offer already. But with an extra game for just £10 extra this is an offer hard to beat. Check out amazon.co.uk for more offers including free UK delivery.

For those who are looking for cheap Nintendo Wii bundles with everything included then the Nintendo Wii Red Mega Holiday Bundle is for you. This limited edition 25th Nintendo Anniversary pack has got it all. It includes the red Wii console, the new controller, Wii Sports Game Disc (5 games), Super Mario Bros Game, Summer Athletics, Winter Sports 2008 and Cocoto Kart Racer. Not only this but it also includes a 17 in 1 sports pack (such as the tennis racket, baseball bats and steering wheel) and boxing gloves. This is the ultimate start up bundle and coming in at just £260 is the perfect choice for those looking for cheap Nintendo Wii bundles this year. Take a look at overstock.com for more special offers like this.

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