Buy a Cheap Nintendo Wii

Choosing your Wii

As the product has evolved since its 2006 launch, there are now a wide range of Nintendo Wiis available on the market.

Before you find yourself a cheap Nintendo Wii, you need to choose the product that is best for you.

The Wii console, for example, comes in both black and white colours, while there are also a wide range of additional items required to make the most of your console.

Price Comparison Websites

You can use price comparison websites for consumer electronics to help you find the cheapest price for your Nintendo Wii.

Visit websites such as Which.co.uk, Kelkoo.co.uk and Pricerunner.co.uk and perform a search for the colour, make and model of the Nintendo Wii you wish to buy.

A white Nintendo Wii console on its own is available for as low as £89 (as of September 2011), while the Nintendo Wii in black can be bought for as little as £75 on the Kelkoo website.

Person to Person Sales Websites

While there are hundreds of online shops selling brand new Nintendo Wiis, you can visit websites such as Gumtree.co.uk and Ebay.co.uk to find second hand products available.

As eBay is a person to person auction website, you can buy a used Nintendo Wii console from as low as £40 (as of September 2011).

Buying your Wii in Person

The Internet is a great source for finding a cheap Nintendo Wii, you might also find a very cheap deal during the sales in high street stores.

Visit shops such as Currys, PC World, Game and Gamestation to see their latest offers on the Nintendo Wii.


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