Find a Cheap Nano iPod

The key to getting a cheap nano iPod is your ability to shop around. You can save several tens of pounds if you invest some time and effort when buying your iPod nano, including shopping using a wide range of resources. Furthermore, additional cost saving can be done if you are willing to consider buying an ex demonstration or second hand iPod nano, which are often available at less than half the real retail price.

Start your search for a cheap nano iPod either online or on the high street, making sure you note down the cheapest price you are able to find so you can perform quick price comparisons. Online shoppers should note that they are likely to have to pay an excess for postage and packaging that they would not pay when shopping in person — be sure to factor this in to your price calculations.


The iPod nano is widely available on Internet websites, whether it is new, second hand or ex demonstration. Visit Apple.com/uk to get a basic indication of the current cost of a nano before search websites such as Argos.co.uk, Amazon.co.uk, Ebay.co.uk and Gumtree.co.uk to find the cheapest first and second hand nanos on offer.

High Street

Hit your local high street to find a range of iPod nanos. Major, national consumer electronics shops, such as Apple stores, Argos, Tesco, Currys and Dixons all stock iPod nanos, while you might also be able to find second hand nanos at your local market place.

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