Cheap Mobile Companies in the UK

Are you looking for different cheap and easy ways to stay connected with close friends and families using your mobile? Every company seems to be offering new and improved deals, but here is a quick general overview of a few cheap mobile companies in the UK that can save you some money and keep you connected.

Mobile Companies

Here are a few cheap mobile companies found in the UK and the how their various short term and pay as you go plans compare to one another.


For £10 you receive unlimited Internet, unlimited texts to UK phones, 250 minute calls within the UK, and unlimited calls to other Giffgaff users.


Orange offers an £11.99 plan where you get 250 MB Internet, unlimited texts and 500 minutes. Their next larger plan costs £16.99 for 500 MB, unlimited texts and 1000 minutes.


Their £10 plan is a bit more unique. They start you with 500 MB, 500 Texts, and 75 minutes, with 5% back on Top Ups. After 3 months though, they double the minutes and texts, at 6 months it doubles again and you get 10% back on Top Ups, and at 9 months give you unlimited texts along with the 150 minutes and 500 MB.


Here are some of their plans that they offer.

£11 allows you 300 UK minutes, 500 UK texts, and 250 MB internet. For £15, you receive 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 500 MB. The £18 plan gets you 1200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 750 MB. The £23 offer gives you unlimited minutes and texts, and 1GB of Internet.

You can also look into getting your first Freedom Freebee SIM which gives you unlimited UK texts, 150 UK minutes, and free data for 30 days for £10.

Look Around

There are many cheap mobile companies in the UK. Many of them offer great deals, but everyone needs are different. Take a minute and figure out if you prefer to text or make phone calls. Perhaps you love spending time on the Internet. This all needs to be thought about before jumping into one of these plans. These are just a few of the companies and £10 plans that they offer, but obviously there are many longer plans available as well.

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