cheap iphone ireland does exist!

Looking to pick up a cheap iphone ireland? you've probably already found that the shops and their 600 Euro quotes aren't really going to cut the mustard, so what are your options? Well, in this blog we'll be talking you through them.

Tracking down a cheap iPhone in Ireland is like trying to find hen's teeth, it's just not usually possible! Apple price their products in such a way that the price tag will never really change, so they tend not to discount. Is it any wonder they've just announced record profits for the year?

If you want to find a cheap iPhone in Ireland, then your options seem limited to online marketplaces like adverts.ie and Gumtree, or else bricks and mortar second hand retailers. Let's take a look at specialist second hand retailer CEX.

This store, which has operated in the UK for years, has started to open in Ireland, and has just opened a flagship store on Liffey St in Dublin 1. To see the type of prices they sell pre-owned iPhones for, take a look at their website at uk.webuy.com/ . This site quotes their prices in sterling, so you'll have to do a little conversion yourself.

You can buy an iPhone in confidence from CEX as they thoroughly test all handsets they take in for any potential bugs, before selling them on to the customer. If a problem develops with the handset, they'll even take it back, as long as it is still under warranty.

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