Where to find a cheap iPhone 3gs in Ireland

If you're looking to pick up the cheapest iPhone possible in Ireland then you've probably noticed what a tough task it is! In this blog we'll be giving a few tips on how to find one at a reasonable price.

Apple products rarely, if ever, come down in price. The entire profitability of the company is based on their products being expensive and desirable. If you've been pricing the iPhone 4 in Ireland, then to get it on pay as you go it will cost you around the 600 Euro mark. If you decide to go down the bill pay route, then you'll likely be forced to sign a prohibitive two year contract.

There is one way to pick up a cheaper iPhone, and that's to pick up a cheap iPhone 3gs in Ireland. The previous generation of iPhone is still available in stores, and because it's older, it costs less. Going back a generation with your iPhone doesn't lose you any perks. All of the apps available for the iPhone 4 are also compatible with the 3GS.

In fact, the 3GS is better than its predecessor in a lot of ways. It doesn't have the aerial issues that have plagued the iPhone 4, and some people prefer the more rounded form of the 3GS too. The Apple iPhone 3GS is available sim-free from the Apple Ireland website at http://store.apple.com/ie/browse/home/shop_iphone/family/iphone.

It can also be found discounted at the likes of the Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone and O2 retail outlets. Pick one up today!

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