We check out the best place to find cheap iPads in the UK

Apple is certainly building quite a reputation for revolutionising the world on a consistent basis isn't it? First we had the iPod, the portable MP3 player which sparked a global change in the way music is distributed and enjoyed. Then we had the iPhone which completely changed the way we view our mobile phones thanks to its phenomenal touch screen capabilities and huge range of applications available to download.

Finally, after completely turning the music and mobile phone markets on their heads, Apple unveiled the iPad to the world. This touch screen tablet would prove to be an unrivalled success, winning over the hearts of sceptics due to its excellent performance and high level of versatility.

Almost overnight an entire industry sprung up with companies seeking a piece of the tablet pie for themselves. Today almost all the major phone and laptop manufacturers have released their own touch screen tablet computers, and the two industries are gradually beginning to merge.

If you haven't yet jumped on the iPad bandwagon, you've got absolutely no excuse not to any more thanks to the cheap prices of iPads in the UK. Surprisingly, you can get the brand new iPad 2 for as little as £399 direct from the Apple website at store.apple.com/uk right now. While this might seem incredibly low for a device with a ten hour battery, we assure that it's not the case.

Should you wish to spend even less for an iPad, you should be able to find one of the originals online for as little as £250 and 300, depending on how fortunate you are. However it's worth noting that most of the original stock has now been sold, and you'll most likely be relying on online auction stores like eBay in order to find them.

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