We look for cheap ink cartridges for the Epson SX425w printer

Despite the fact that the price of printers continues to plummet, with reasonably good printers often available for under £50 in online sales, ink prices remain a bone of contention for many. Regardless of the technological advances that we have made in the past couple of decades, the priciest ongoing expense for many when it comes to their computer needs is ink for their printer.

With the increase in popularity of digital cameras, the demand for high quality inks shows no sign of stopping - regardless of the fact that the cost hasn't dropped at all in the last five years or so.

There are alternatives available for anyone who is brave enough to disregard the instructions of their printer manufacturer in the user's manual however. Despite the fact that we are told that using unofficial third party ink cartridges can prove to be damaging to the printer, thousands of people worldwide save themselves huge sums of money annually by avoiding the hugely expensive official inks and instead looking for cheaper alternatives.

There are many varieties available, especially if you're looking for cheap ink cartridges for the Epson SX425w printer. The genuine high volume Epson cartridges can be found for anywhere between £40-50 in most stores, but you can half that price by opting for a third party alternative.

www.cartridgesave.co.uk is a UK based company who offer a wide range of money saving options for printer owners across the country. They offer a pack of high capacity replacement ink cartridges from Jet Tec for the SX425w printer for a mere £21.80 including VAT. This represents a saving of around 50% on regular prices.

From our experience the quality is just as high as the genuine Epson cartridges, and there is absolutely no ill effects on the functionality of the printer itself, making them the sensible choice for those of you who find you consume more ink than your budget can allow.

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