Trying to find a cheap i phone 4 for sale?

The latest model in Apple's stunning iPhone range - the iPhone 4, has captured the public's imagination, and led to Apple almost doubling their year-on-year profits in 2011. The reason for this is the high price charged for the handset - You won't get much change from £600 if you buy one!

So what's the deal with finding a cheap i phone 4 for sale? Well. it's not as difficult as it may appear, but you do have to look slightly off the beaten track to find one.

Before we start, you won't find one in all of the places you'd think. The iPhone is rarely, if ever, discounted at the likes of Apple stores, Carphone Warehouse, and directly from carriers' stores. Instead, you'll have to scour the pre-owned market to find what you're looking for, but if you're doing this, you'll have to remember to keep your guard up.

There are hundreds of iPhones for sale on the likes of Gumtree and eBay, but we recommend taking a look at specialist retailer CEX. They do a lot of business with iPhones, and their rigorous quality assurance checks make sure you won't be getting sold a dud, something you can't guarantee with eBay.

To check out their selection online, and see what handsets are in stock near you, have a gander at their website at http://uk.webuy.com/phones/ . This link will take you directly to their mobile phone handset page, so you can see exactly how much they are selling quality pre-owned iPhone 4's for.

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