Finding a cheap graphic card

A cheap graphic card

Graphic cards are used in computers to improve the performance of the graphics and display of a computer. Some motherboards are supplied with an on board graphic chipset, but most people will want to have a dedicated graphics card within their machine.


ebay has a good selection of new and used cheap graphic cards, that can be bought easily and installed very quickly. A lot of these cards are sold by people looking to upgrade their existing equipment, this means that the card has been used and usually looked after.

The types and quality of cars that are available will vary of course, as auctions end and new cards are put up for sale, so if you can't find what you are looking for straight away, if you look again in 2-3 days then you'll probably find something that will suit your needs.

In September, at the time of writing, cards were listed between £30 and £70 for 1GB cards. These cards were for from a range of suppliers such as Nvidia and Asus. Other cards are available in different sizes and these are priced accordingly.


Novatech has a large selection of brand new cheap graphic cards, like EBay and other suppliers they vary in size so shop around on the site to get the best for your needs.

Novatech offer the chance to pick up cards from the shops in person, this means that you can save on postage. They also offer a fitting service, so that those upgrading can make sure that it is installed correctly and operating before they leave the store.

At the moment graphic cards range in price from £26 up to £289 depending on the brand and the size of the cards you purchase.

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