Hunting for Cheap Digital Picture Frames

So many of us have hundreds of photographs stored in our computers, and they are rarely looked at, but cheap digital picture frames can change this. Normally our pictures just sit in our computers, day after day and all those lovely memories and the happiness we could get from them are wasted.

A Great Idea

Whoever thought up the digital picture frame had a great idea and we all need to say a big “Thank you!” With digital photo frames, we can upload our favourite pictures and enjoy them every day. We can see our precious photos whenever we want without lifting a finger. There is no need for everyone to try to squeeze around the computer or to pass around the dusty old photo albums. Just pass around the lightweight digital photo frame and everyone at the family reunion can enjoy.

Reasonable Prices

When these devices first came onto the market they were very expensive, and many still are. However, they are becoming more affordable. You still want to get the most you can for your money. This is where doing some research over the Internet can reap some rewards. There are many brick-and-mortar stores that sell digital frames, but their selection will be fairly limited. On the Internet, you will find a larger selection and a wider array of manufacturers. If you know what you want, it will make your search that much easier.

Prices and Where to Look

These are just a few of the websites that we found and a few of the items they had on offer:


  • 7–inch Slimline, silver, 54.95
  • 12-inch Slimline, black, 99.95
  • 15-inch Slimline, black wood 119.95


  • 7-inch Sony, 69.99
  • 7-inch Sigmatek, 44.99
  • 12-inch Sigmatek, 94.95


  • 7-inch Yuraku, white, 44.00
  • 7-inch Sony VAIO, 79.99


  • 7-inch Parrot w/Bluetooth 34.99
  • 7-inch KitVision, white 17.53

Cheap digital picture frames doesn’t mean they are lacking in features, so shop the Internet and find the one that you like best and enjoy your pictures from now on.

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