We find the best cheap desktop PC packages

For some reason it seems that the humble desktop PC has fallen out of favour somewhat. People still use them but retailers don't really seem as interested in advertising them to customers as they did in the past, perhaps to enable them to focus on the higher profit margins associated with laptops and netbooks.

Whatever the reason, it seems a pity that the real workhorse of the computer world, the desktop PC has been cruelly forgotten. That doesn't mean that there aren't some really great bargains out there though, as we discovered when we went searching for cheap desktop PC packages.

When you think PC, the first names that spring to mind are probably those of established places such as Dell or PC World. Well, we know that they're not the cheapest on the web, but we did pop over to their sites to aid with comparisons. Since we're looking at all round performers, rather than specialist machines, the best package we found on Dell.co.uk was definitely the Inspiron 580 MT which will cost you £748.99 complete with 21" LCD monitor. PCWorld.co.uk blew that out of the water with their package of HP Pavilion Slimline s5770uk-p Desktop PC including 20" Monitor and All-in-One Printer for an astonishing £429.99 - we were beginning to wonder whether we'd underestimated PC world.

Next we tried Misco.co.uk whose best offer was the HP Pro 3120 for £371.99 - but that didn't include a monitor, or a printer for that matter. Nowhere was to be able to even come close to, PC World's superb £429.99 all inclusive offer.

If there's a moral to the story, then it's always shop around - even check places you think are going to be more expensive!

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