We look for great deals on cheap cordless phones in the UK

There are a huge amount of great deals available right now for cheap cordless phones in the UK, with prices now lower than they have ever been. Cordless phone technology is certainly not new, but previous prices have proven to be prohibitive for many in making the switch over throughout their houses.

Thanks to the internet it is now possible to find a whole host of great prices for cordless phones among many other items, often for a fraction of the prices to be found on the high street.

There are a number of websites specialising in cordless phones, and we've been spending our time going through them all in order to find you the very best deals available.

www.telephonesonline.co.uk, a telephone handset trading website owned and operated by Communications and Trading Ltd., have a huge selection of phones available from a wide range of manufacturers including BT, Philips, Gigaset, Leapfrog, John Lewis and many, many more.

With prices starting as low as £19.99 there are some really great deals on offer on their easy to navigate website. Some of our favourites are the Philips ID9371 Cordless Answering Machine Telephone which is available for £29.99, a saving of £50 on the recommended retail price of £79.99. This gorgeous contemporary handset features crystal clear sound, enhanced hands free compatibility, SIM card copying capabilities and up to 15 minutes of recording time for voice messages.

If you're looking for a dual phone system as opposed to just a single handset, then we would recommend you take a look at the Siemens Gigaset CS385 Duo Cordless Answering Machine Telephone which is available for just £39.99 refurbished, a saving of £30 on the regular price.

It's got answering machine capabilities for up to 25 minutes, built in speakerphone for hands free chat, a 300 metre range for outdoor use and space for up to 150 phone book entries.

There are plenty more offers available on the website to be sure to check it out before spending more than you need to on your new phones.

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