Where to find a cheap car radio

A cheap car radio does not mean that it is low quality, it could be a sale item or a second hand item. It is possible to get some amazing deals if you know where to look and when to shop. Most outlets will have sales on at least twice a year.

Cheap car radio sales

Places such as Argos has sales on different items at different times during the year. This includes car radio and stereo systems. The website can be checked regularly for sale items although they do have a selection of radios starting at £42 and going up in price to £190 as of September 2011.

The site also has a selection of discounts on the radios ranging between £9 and £23 depending on the radio you choose. Argos also has a selection of different brands so if you have a brand that you prefer, you might be able to find it at a decent price.

Second Hand

Ebay is the largest auction site in the world and is also listing new items from users looking to get rid of unwanted items. They have a selection of radios listed regularly and this means that there are always bargains or cheap car radios listed on the site.

You do need to be careful with items listed on the site though. There are people who will list items incorrectly to get a sale. There are those who make genuine mistakes, and this means that they can be picked up cheaper than expected.

There is a process on EBay called 'Sniping', this means people who watch items and jump in with a bid in the closing minutes. In some cases these people are so good that they can bid and win within seconds of the auction about to end.

There are other outlets such as Halfords or any number of car part stores will also stock radios. From time to time they will have sales or reduce prices to get rid of old stock, especially if a new range is coming out.

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