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When looking for cheap broadband in Ireland, you want high speed internet that is reliable and affordable. There are loads of different broadband packages available to Irish customers from WiFi to fibre powered broadband to mobile connections. Trying to order broadband can seem like an impossible challenge unless you know what you are talking about. The following are the main types of broadband you will find in Ireland.

Fibre Power Broadband

Fibre Power broadband is available from UPC. It enables you to connect to the internet and download content at record speeds. All packages of 25Mb and above come with a free wireless router. The following deals are available through upc.ie:

  • 12Mb - €25 per month
  • 25Mb - €35 per month
  • 50Mb - €45 per month
  • 100Mb - €65 per month


WiFi is wireless technology that allows you to connect to the internet anywhere in your house. WiMax from Imagine is super-fast broadband that gives you unlimited usage allowance and is easy to set up. You can order WiMax online at imagine.ie for the following prices:

  • 1Mb - €25 per month
  • 3Mb - €30 per month
  • 7Mb - €35 per month
  • 10Mb - €45 per month

Mobile Broadband

This is designed for anybody who needs their own internet connection whilst on the move. You simply plug a Dongle into your laptop which picks up the same signals as mobile phones. Different payment options are available including monthly direct debit options and prepay options. For more information about mobile broadband prices, take a look at some of the Irish providers of mobile broadband websites:

  • 3
  • Meteor
  • O2
  • Vodafone


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