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It's hard to believe that only a few years ago, nobody in Ireland had broadband. Today, there are loads of different providers offering different packages. The problem with this is that if you don't know what you are looking for, you could be sold a package that isn't suitable for your lifestyle. We take a look at some cheap broadband packages in Dublin.

WiMax - WiMax from Imagine is one of the fastest broadband packages available in Ireland. For just €25 per month, you have access to WiMax via a wireless hub. A once off installation fee of €50 applies to all subscribers. Check out imagine.ie for more information.

Perlico - Perlico offer home phone and broadband together as a package for €42 per month. This includes all phone calls to Irish landlines. Installation is free of charge. Visit perlico.ie for more information.

UPC - Fibre power 5MB broadband is available in Dublin. Installation is free and there are no connection charges if ordered online through upc.ie. This type of broadband will cost you €22 per month.

Meteor -Mobile broadband is the newest form of internet and it is designed for those of us who are on the move regularly. You simply plug a dongle into your computer and top it up each month. €20 gets you 30 days access.

O2 - O2 offer mobile broadband to Irish customers. They have many different offers including prepay options and pay as you go packages. Check out o2.ie for more information.

For more information about cheap broadband in Dublin, visit one of the above websites or log onto getbroadband.ie.

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