Find cheap Blackberrys on pay as you go

Want the latest smartphones but don't want to commit to a contract? Then cheap Blackberrys on pay as you go could be for you.

Sometimes it seems like the only way to get a cheap Blackberry is to commit to a 12 month, or more often 24 month contract. But with today's uncertain financial climate - not to mention the ever evolving smartphone industry - many of us are reluctant to commit to a contract mobile phone. That makes getting a cheap Blackberry a little more difficult - but it's not impossible.

As usual, eBay turns up a bargain for cheap Blackberrys on pay as you go. You can buy unlocked, SIM free or pay as you go Blackerry mobiles from as little as £80. The unlocked Blackerry Curve 8900 is currently on Buy It Now for £86, while the Blackberry Torch 980 is available unlocked for £250.

DialaPhone.co.uk brands itself as "The smart choice for the Smartphone". Here you can compare pay as you go deals across a range of networks, including 3 Mobile. O2, T Mobile, Orange and Vodafone. This is a great way to ensure that you're getting the best possible deal on cheap Blackberrys.

The Pre Pay Mania website throws up some great offers on Blackberry pas as you go. The Blackberry 8250 Curve is currently available for £124.99 and with free shipping. That represents an amazing saving of 31% off the recommended retail price. This deal is available on T Mobile, but there are also great rates for other networks too.

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