Cheap as chips: laptops going for a song

Gone are the days when buying a laptop is an outlay of over £1,000. These days nearly every household has at least one laptop with many families having two or more. As children grow up and use the Internet for homework and school projects or students need a laptop for their dissertations and essays, the cheap laptop is considered an essential piece of kit.

Online retailer Dell have offers and special deals all the time. Their products are aimed at the business user and the home user and as such the range is split. The business laptops focus on data use and start at £400 and the laptops aimed at students, young people or for home use such as surfing the net and gaming retail from £329. Dell also offer flexible finance options allowing the consumer to pay over a period of time and many of the packages have software or add-ons thrown in.

Dell is synonymous with high quality products with up to the minute specs and software. If you are looking for a cheap laptop from a reliable retailer, a Dell product could be your solution. Visit the website for more information.

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