Get yourself a cheap 1TB external hard drive in the UK

Those of you who are old enough to remember the mid to late 90s will no doubt remember a time where hard drive space came at a premium. Users could expect to pay around £1 per Gigabyte of space, and were quite happy to fork over so much, especially given the explosion in hard drive sizes. Those who really knew their stuff boasted hard drives of anywhere between 30 GB to 80 GB - more than enough to keep them going for decades, or so they thought.

Thanks to the increase in the quality of network infrastructure around the world, the space required by even the most casual computer user has sky rocketed in recent times. The latest games require 5-25 GB installations, spanning multiple DVDs in many cases, and professional software such as Adobe Creative Suite can weigh in with similar space requirements, meaning that hard drive space requirements have gone through the roof.

Even if you just want to keep hold of all your digital photographs in their original sizes without going to the hassle of compressing or resizing them needs huge amounts of space that would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago.

Fortunately hard drive technology has moved with the times, and users can now pick up mammoth hard drives for a fraction of the price we would have expected to pay even five years ago. Gigabytes have been replaced by Terabytes and even USB flash drives boast capacities into the hundreds of Gigs.

At electronics chain Maplin, you can now pick up a 1TB GoFlex External Hard Drive for just £59.99 either in stores or from their website at maplin.co.uk, but things get even better in the search for a cheap 1TB external hard drive in the UK.

pcworld.com have the Western Digital Save External 1TB Hard Drive for just £59.97, while amazon.co.uk shoppers can make even further savings by picking up the Western Digital Elements 1TB Hard Drive for an astonishing £41.99.

The most impressive thing is that these prices are expected to fall even further in the coming months, as multiple terabyte drives become more and more common. Who knows, perhaps it won't be too long before we're all buying petabyte drives to satisfy our unquenchable thirst for hard drive space.

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