We look for the best place to buy cheap 120 gig iPods

If you still haven't joined the digital music revolution, then you're seriously lagging behind the rest of the world. Since its launch in 2001, the iPod has gone on to change the face of music forever. For the first time people now have access to their entire music collections no matter where they are, making for much more pleasant commutes to work, flights and train rides for everyone.

The real beauty of the iPod is the fact that the price has gradually come down to a point where the higher capacity models are now within reach of everyone. In order to help you get connected to your music collection, we have taken a look for where to find cheap 120 gig iPods online for delivery to the United Kingdom.

Before we start, we would like to point out that these prices are for brand new retail versions of the 120 gig iPod. You'll certainly be able to get better prices should you choose to buy second hand or via eBay - however we would advise you that in doing so you'll be without the manufacturer warranty, so should something go wrong down the line you'll likely need to pay the cost of any necessary repair work yourself. If you think that it's worth the risk, then by all means save yourself even more!

The best prices for the 120 gig iPod is available from both amazon.co.uk and high street retailer Dixons, who offer the device for the excellent price of just £181.95, while Marks and Spencer aren't far behind them with their £189.00 price tag. We would recommend you avoid buying from Freemans who currently offer the device for a staggering £260 - hardly the bargain of the century!

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