Chav chic Lily Allen tipped as face of Chanel

Lily Allen, the chav-chic queen of street sub culture and leading light in the gold hoop earrings / trainers combo is tipped to become the new face of Chanel. Yes, that's Chanel, of tweed suits and matching handbags fame as revealed in today's Sun. Somewhat of a contrast with Lily's current look, but WebTwitcher is confident Karl Lagerfeld has a masterplan for 2007...

Love her or hate her, after shooting to fame on MySpace, the outspoken singer has certainly attracted attention from her musical peers and the media, who are keenly hanging around waiting for her next insulting outburst.

Lily does try and keep up a blog, so if you're a fan add the RSS feed available to your MIX and follow her antics around the country.


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