Charlie Brooker announces 'Gameswipe' on Twitter

For years now (well forever, actually), video games fans have complained that there's never been a TV show that's shown their hobby in any kind of favourable light. Gamesmaster – for all the dewey eyed nostalgia about a floating astrologist's head and the SNES – was rubbish, and the less said about just about every other show since the better (although Gamer TV on Bravo is at least to the point).

However, all that could be about to change. Screenwipe and Newswipe creator and former PC Zone writer Charlie Brooker will be branching out into his other interest – gaming.

Brooker said on his Twitter feed: 'Gameswipe is happening, yes, More on that nearer the time.' So you see, soon they will be something on TV that won't make all gamers look like spotty losers with no girlfriends. Hooray!

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