Channel 4 comes to YouTube

This is genuinely great news for those of us who want another reason to skive at work, and let's be honest, that's probably a lot of us, isn't it? Channel 4 and YouTube have reached an agreement that means that they will be streaming their content online, for free! Woo, and indeed, hoo.

Channel 4 are beginning the process soon, by uploading hours of TV gold onto the site, and by early next year there will be a full catalogue of programming for catching-up, as well as 3,000 of classic archive footage.

This is especially good news for people who use YouTube on their mobile, as it now means you can watch classic comedy like Peep Show or Brass Eye while stuck on a sweaty bus/train/tube at 8am. However, if you’re abroad and want to watch you get the big nish nish. Sorry.

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