Should you change mobile phone provider?

It needn't be difficult to change mobile phone provider if you just know exactly what to do.  We are here to give you tips and guide you on how to do it the easy way.

There are so many options available in the mobile phone market these days that you are in control of how much you pay on your mobile bill each month.  If you feel that you are paying too much for the level of service you receive then you should change as soon as possible.

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of customer you are.  Do you text an awful lot or are you more of a caller?  Do you rely on voicemail or never really bother with it?  Do you use the internet on the go and if so then how much data do you use each month?  These pieces of information are vital to know before you switch networks.

Armed with a your new customer profile you can now begin comparing price plans on various network and find the one that suits you the most.  Each company will try their best to entice you to join them and they offer such things as free phones, reduced rates, free text and call bundles and double data.  Make sure that you get the best deal you can, especially if you sign a contract, and be aware whether these extras are limited or are available for the duration of the contract.

To change mobile phone provider is the easy part once you have decided which network to join and the exact plan you want.  You must tell your current provider that you would like to switch networks.  They will then provide you with a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) and you need to give this code to your new provider.  Alternatively, you can drop into any mobile phone store and the staff there will only be too glad to guide you through the changeover and get you set up.

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