CES smartphone extravaganza: the best of the rest

The Consumer Electronics Show, one of the biggest electronics trade shows, is the place to go for the latest tech. Once, it was all about TVs and DVD players; then, PCs and laptops; this year, it's all about one thing: Android. CES has been a fest of tablets and phones running Google's come-of-age operating system. We've seen a few, but let's round up the other new smartphones that made their debut, some of which look pretty interesting.

Motorola, as well as showing off their bonkers Atrix with its laptop dock, also showed off the Droid Bionic; SonyEricsson launched the new Xperia Arc; LG, the Optimus Black and Revolution; and HTC, the ThunderBolt.

And it turns out these phones have quite a lot in common. They're all Android slates with large screens of 4' or more - it looks like larger will be better this year, and that doesn't happen often in technology. Most have dual-core processors, suggesting the 1GHz CPU that was the standard for smartphones in 2010 is now considered thoroughly old hat. And quite a few, incuding the Revolution and ThunderBolt, are rocking LTE, the new 4G network that's just launched in the US. That means these precise models are unlikely to make it to Europe, but it also means that when our 4G networks finally launch in a year or two we can look forward to suitable phones coming out right away.

We predict, therefore, that Android phones in 2011 will be large, dual-core, and in the 'slate' keyboard-free form-factor. Of course, Motorola also showed off the Cliq2, which is none of those things, so what do we know?

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