CES 2014: Playstation Now Revealed

Not content with beating their competition in the console market, Sony will soon launch a new way of playing games via a tablet, smartphone or TV. The new cloud-based service called PlayStation Now was formally announced by Andy House, the firm’s CEO at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. Sony is using technology developed by Gaikai, a firm they acquired for £232million during 2012.

At CES 2014 Sony revealed their PlayStation Now system which will allow gamers to stream games over the web to their PS4, Playstation Vita or PS3 machine as well as non-PlayStation devices like new Bravia TVs. This new way of gaming will allow Sony to bring their back catalogue to a wide collection of devices. Users will be able to get access to their favourite games without the need to bring a portable device with them, so sales of the PS Vita could suffer as a consequence. All users have to do is log onto Sony Entertainment Network’s system and access the game from their last save point.

Sony will launch the new system in America during the summer but they’ve not confirmed a timescale for the European market. According to a recent blog from Sony: “When it comes to broadband provision, Europe is a considerably more complex region, with a huge number of different providers and varying connection speeds from country to country. In short, we need a little more time to ensure a smooth and successful roll-out.”

There’s a significant risk that the new system will take sales from Sony’s core console business. Sony has already sold 4.2 million PS4 devices since its November launch so the PS4 is a major part of Sony’s financial success. As with any new technology, there’s always a risk that Sony could have entered the market before users are ready for cloud-based gaming, but if they don’t get involved there’s an equal chance that could they leave the door open for competitors. Only time will tell if Sony has got its timing right.

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