Cell phone providers in the UK: Which one is right for you?

If you're moving from the United States to Great Britain and are wondering which of the cell phone providers in the UK to sign up with, you've only really got four choices: Vodafone, O2, Everything Everywhere and Three. Which one makes the most sense for you to sign up on depends on your individual preferences and needs, so make sure to work out what your priorities are and which of the cell phone providers in the UK can adequately fulfil them.

Vodafone is the largest telecommunications provider in the world, and own 45% of Verizon, so you can expect a similar level of services and customer support as Verizon provides in the States. Check Vodafone's website (http://www.vodafone.co.uk/) for a overview of the different bill-pay and pay-as-you-go options offered. Vodafone specialises in providing cell phones for use in business.

02 is the UK's leading cell phone provider, and also offer a wide selection of plans that range from a two year contract that comes with a free smartphone to a disposable pay-as-you-go plan that will equip you with a cheap and cheerful bargain basement model. 02 are are also notable for their "02 treats" whereby subscribers occasionally get free gift ranging from a free spa treatment to priority tickets for big concerts, which is nice touch! O2's website can be found at http://www.o2.co.uk/

Everything Everywhere is a cell phone provider who's UK operation has two Arms: Orange and T mobile. Both of these brand specialise in the providing cell phones in the consumer and pay-as-you-go markets. Their websites can be found respectively at http://www.orange.co.uk/ and http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/.

Finally there's Three. Three is the the UK's leader in providing 3G support, and have the widest 3G coverage of any of the UK providers. If 3G use is priority for you, 3 is the provider you want to be with. The website is found at http://www.three.co.uk/

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