The most fun, creative and witty celebrity parody Twitter accounts yet

Twitter allows users to create parody, fan accounts that include role-playing. Some very witty and creative people have taken on the personalities of some of the world’s most well-known celebrities and fictional characters to bring us enjoyable and humorous moments on the twitterverse. Here is our list of most creative celebrity parody Twitter accounts you should probably check out today.

The Queen

Yes, her Royal Highness has not been spared on Twitter. Some of her real tweets are blown hilariously out of proportion by the fake Queen who often refers to herself in the third person. @Queen_UK

Harry Potter

Harry Potter on his parody Twitter account tweets about everything from spell casting to foul dementors and jokes about Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger who are his best friends. @ArryPottah

Lord Voldermort

Lord Voldermort has an obvious disdain for the plot and characters of the Twilight Saga and life in general. He tweets his sneering beliefs and misgivings to two million plus followers. @Lord_Voldemort7

Mark Zuckerberg

The fake Facebook founder makes Twtter jokes about other social networks like LinkedIn and Google+ and also pokes fun on concerns about Facebook’s privacy policies. @notzuckerberg

William Shakespeare

Who would have thought the revered English poet and playwright would come back from the grave and do his magic on Twitter? Although the spoof Shakespeare does not tweet very often, once he does his tweets are pure comic works of art—delightfully delivered in old English. @ShakespeareSays

Tylor Swift

Talk of celebrity parody Twitter accounts hyped up by the media and Taylor Swift’s account is up there with the rest of them. The parody account creatively combines Taylor Swift’s lyrics with feminist stories and tenets. Genius. @FeministTSwift

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Yet another clever celebrity parody Twitter account is that of singer, songwriter and actress Beyoncé. The account sprung up immediately after the music sensation announced her pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs (brilliant opportunism, if you ask us). @BeyonceJayfetus

Fake AP Stylebook

Finally, closing our list of fun and creative celebrity parody Twitter accounts is the Fake AP Stylebook on Twitter. If you get a kick out of bad grammar or you are a writer, editor or reporter looking to learn how to “write more good,” then this is the account you have to follow. @FakeAPStylebook

What's your favorite fun and creative spoof Twitter account?

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